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Foot pain or discomfort can make it very difficult to enjoy your life or to focus on anything other than your aching or throbbing feet. If you live in Ventura, CA and are looking for the best foot doctor or if you have been searching for a “foot doctor near me,” you have come to the right place.

Dr. Peng at Align Foot & Ankle offers a wide variety of services for foot and ankle injuries, deformities or problems. He is a top podiatrist with expertise in both surgical and nonsurgical treatments of foot pain. He will always use conservative, non-surgical foot treatments whenever possible.

Ankle and Foot Injuries

Ankle and foot injuries happen often, sometimes due to not warming up when participating in sports or from sudden unexpected movements. If you are experiencing symptoms such as swelling, bruising, discomfort or intense pain in your foot or ankle due to an injury, Align Foot & Ankle can help.

Dr. Peng is located in Camarillo and has same day appointments available for examination and treatment of sudden injuries that occur to an ankle or foot so that you don’t have to wait long to be seen and can be feeling better as soon as possible.

Custom Orthotics

Some foot problems benefit from custom orthotics. These specially designed appliances can provide support wherever it is most needed on your foot, and they can help correct imbalance.

These are not the same as the shoe inserts that can be purchased over the counter. Prescription custom orthotics are designed with your specific foot problem in mind and are based on the unique shape of your foot. They can be especially beneficial for problems such as:

  • Neuromas
  • Flat Feet
  • Heel pain
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • High arches or other arch pain

Other Causes of Foot Pain

No matter what the cause of your foot or ankle pain, Dr. Peng will expertly diagnose the problem and find the best plan of treatment for you. He wants to help you return to a life in which you can be free of foot pain and discomfort.

Some common foot problems that he frequently treats include:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Tendonitis
  • Neuromas
  • Nail problems such as ingrown toenails
  • Plantar warts

Dr. Peng can provide both nonsurgical and surgical treatments as needed by patients who live in the Ventura, CA area. He will always approach foot pain conservatively and will only use surgery as a last resort after all other options have been explored.

Your Dedicated Foot Surgeon

If your foot is seriously injured or damaged and you do need foot surgery, Dr. Peng and the team at Align Foot & Ankle can provide the professional expertise you need. When all other treatment options have been exhausted, he will do foot or ankle surgery in order to correct problems such as bony and soft tissue deformities, severe fractures of the ankle or foot or soft tissue masses.

When you need a foot doctor, come see Dr. Peng and get started toward obtaining relief from your foot pain and discomfort. Schedule an appointment online or by calling us at 805-482-0711.

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"I've always believed in exhausting conservative treatment over surgery. Over the years in practice, I've kept many people out of the operating room. Even then, the patients who have been taken to surgery are extremely pleased with their results. I will do all I can to get you moving again...without pain or discomfort!"

Dr. Hai-En Peng