Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetic Foot Care services offered in Camarillo, California

If you have diabetes, diabetic foot care can reduce your risk of potentially severe complications and improve your quality of life. At Align Foot & Ankle Center, in Camarillo, California, experienced podiatrist Hai-En Peng, DPM, FACFAS and the team offer diabetic foot care to people of all ages. Call the nearest office to request a diabetic foot care consultation today, or book online.

Diabetic Foot Care Q&A

What is diabetic foot care?

Diabetic foot care is a podiatry subspecialty that diagnoses and treats diabetes-related complications, including diabetic ulcers and other slow-healing wounds. 

If you have diabetes, enrolling in diabetic foot care at Align Foot & Ankle Center can keep your feet and toes healthy and your blood sugar levels in check.

Who can benefit from diabetic foot care?

If you have diabetes, you can benefit from diabetic foot care. That’s because about 15% of people with diabetes develop foot problems. 

If your blood sugar is consistently high, it affects the circulation to your legs and feet. Regular checkups at Align Foot & Ankle Center can provide peace of mind and keep your feet healthy and problem-free.

When should I seek out diabetic foot care?

Make an appointment for diabetic foot care at the nearest Align Foot & Ankle Center office if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • Skin discoloration
  • Hair loss on your legs or feet
  • Pain
  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • Redness

Even if the cut or wound is small, it’s crucial to seek treatment. A qualified wound care expert can determine the severity of your injury and prevent it from worsening.

What happens during a diabetic foot care visit?

At Align Foot & Ankle Center, a diabetic foot care visit begins with a review of your medical records and a discussion of your diabetes, including the type you have, when you were first diagnosed, and if you take steps to keep your blood sugar in check.

Next, your provider examines your feet, lower legs, and ankles checking for diabetic ulcers, redness, or swelling. If they identify an open wound, your provider assesses its size, location, color, and appearance of its borders. They might also collect a biopsy sample to test for infection.

How are diabetes-related foot problems treated?

At Align Foot & Ankle Center, the team offers various treatments for diabetes-related foot problems. They might recommend:

  • Checking your feet daily for changes
  • Monitoring your blood sugar levels regularly
  • Keeping your toenails trimmed and filed 
  • Wearing comfortable shoes that support your feet
  • Visiting a podiatrist once a year

If you have a diabetic ulcer or another slow-healing wound, you might benefit from professional wound care. The team can clean your wound, apply special bandages, and encourage your body’s natural healing process.

Call the nearest Align Foot & Ankle Center office to learn more about the benefits of diabetic foot care, or click the online booking feature today.