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One of the most fragile and complicated appendages of the human body is the foot: the literal foundation of an athlete’s mobility and gait, and all too easily damaged by the strenuous activity involved in sports. Dealing with foot and ankle injuries in athletes is all about early and expert intervention before even seemingly minor problems get worse. That’s the focus of the cutting-edge podiatric sports medicine practice at Align Foot & Ankle.

Podiatric Treatment for Sports-Related Injuries

An active lifestyle comes with risks of foot or ankle injury. Too much stress on the feet can lead to problems — even for elite athletes — including ankle sprains, foot fractures, Achilles tendonitis, heel pain, damage to connective tissue and other issues.

Effective practitioners of sports medicine can offer:

  • Rapid diagnosis of sports injuries, and in fact any kind of foot injuries
  • Advanced treatment programs that offer both surgical and nonsurgical treatment optionsGuidance
  • on the prevention of future injuries through general foot care and exercise

The compassionate and highly qualified team of local doctors at Align Foot and Ankle is dedicated to treating athletes for just about any form of sports injury, related chronic pain or other conditions like plantar fasciitis.

Diagnosing Sports-Related Injuries

Foot pain isn’t normal, and you have the right to live free from it and enjoy the best possible standards of sports performance. If you’re experiencing foot pain, sophisticated diagnostics is the key to an effective podiatric treatment program.

At Align Foot & Ankle, our diagnostic tools include X-rays and ultrasound. The former is used for detecting injuries to bones such as stress fractures. The latter is used for detecting issues with soft tissue such as deterioration or inflammation of the plantar fascia or other tendons. These diagnostics are quick procedures that take only a few minutes to carry out.

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Nonsurgical Treatments

Feet undergoing a MLS Laser Therapy sessionOur advanced sports medicine techniques include nonsurgical treatments for foot injuries. Using platelets, a cellular component of the blood that stimulates the formation of blood clots, PRP can be a powerful tool for wound care and for healing various kinds of soft tissue tears and strain. It can also help repair bone fractures.

Laser Therapy

Sometimes tendon injuries and sprains can be addressed with MLS laser therapy. This can be a quick and efficient treatment method for athletes with less severe foot and ankle injuries.

Surgical Treatments

Align Foot & Ankle’s dedicated team of surgeons can offer reliable and effective surgical solutions to all foot and ankle injuries from fractures or dislocations. Our doctors can offer surgical interventions and treat athletes for other symptoms, including corns, warts, and ingrown toenails.

Prevention and Rehabilitation

The expert podiatrists at Align Foot & Ankle can offer crucial guidance for your long-term foot health and well-being. They can recommend an exercise regime to help with the process of recovering from an injury and reducing the possibility of further injury. They can provide information about orthotic shoes that can help with various kinds of foot pain and make it easier to stay active.

Some injuries need to be corrected with surgery and rehab after. The doctors at Align Foot & Ankle Center will advise on the best route to get you back on your feet and playing the game you love as soon as possible.

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"I've always believed in exhausting conservative treatment over surgery. Over the years in practice, I've kept many people out of the operating room. Even then, the patients who have been taken to surgery are extremely pleased with their results. I will do all I can to get you moving again...without pain or discomfort!"

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