MLS Laser Therapy in Santa Barbara and Camarillo, CA

Unexpected physical injuries and acute or chronic pain can happen to anyone. It’s always desirable to get back on your feet as quickly as possible. On the medical technological forefront of such efforts is a procedure called MLS laser therapy, a specialty at Align Foot and Ankle Center.

What Is MLS Laser Therapy?

Simply put, laser therapy uses a specifically calibrated beam of light on injured areas of the body to speed up your body’s natural healing processes and promote soft tissue repair. It essentially uses photons to kick-start the body’s cellular reproduction and growth.

MLS stands for “multi-wave locked system.” This kind of laser therapy uses a robotic, multi-wave laser running at two different frequencies:


  • An 808-nanometer frequency continuous beam works to reduce inflammation and swelling.
  • A 905-nanometer pulse reaches deeper into the body’s nerves and tissues to provide relief from acute and chronic pain.

Running at these therapeutic frequencies, an MLS laser treatment makes it easier for patients to manage chronic conditions and recover from a wide variety of acute injuries.

What makes MLS technology so effective is the synergy that comes from its combination of continuous and pulsed laser treatment. This delivers anti-edemic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic results much more effectively than would be possible with either kind of laser alone. It’s a powerful tool that:

  • Offers pain management and musculoskeletal pain relief of the foot and ankle
  • Reduces scar tissue
  • Promotes wound healing
  • Repairs tissue injuries

Due to its precisely controlled nature, MLS laser therapy is noninvasive, painless and free of side effects. It’s been extensively studied and cleared as a medical procedure by the FDA.

What Should I Expect From MLS Laser Therapy?

Doctor conducting ultrasound examination of patient's foot prior to treatment of arthritis in feetThe length of an MLS laser therapy session will depend on the number and types of issues being addressed, but for any single injury, it averages less than 15 minutes.

The process consists of running a laser beam over the skin so photons can interact with the molecules in the body’s soft tissues, creating a combination of photothermal and photomechanical effects with a photochemical effect.

The body’s healing process naturally sends oxygen and blood to the affected areas. Its pain-blocking mechanism involves the release of endorphin and enkephalin chemicals. Boosted circulation and blood flow stimulates cell reproduction and growth and provides the therapy’s anti-inflammatory and anti-edema effect. The endorphins and enkephalin, meanwhile, decrease nerve sensitivity and offer pain relief.

Though the first positive results of MLS laser therapy may be felt almost immediately, the procedure’s full effectiveness comes from the cumulative effects of multiple sessions. Steady improvement can be expected over a course of treatment that averages six to 10 sessions in length, but it may be longer depending on specific needs.

MLS Laser Therapy at Align Foot and Ankle Center

The team at Align Foot and Ankle Center comprises experienced and highly qualified podiatric practitioners. Their focus is on compassionate care and on bringing together the most advanced and effective medical techniques, including MLS laser therapy, to keep their patients mobile and enjoying the best possible quality of life. Reach out today to book an appointment at either the Camarillo or the Santa Barbara office.

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