What Foot and Ankle Conditions Respond Well to Shockwave Therapy?

May 02, 2024
What Foot and Ankle Conditions Respond Well to Shockwave Therapy?
Many people assume effective treatment requires medications or surgery. But noninvasive methods, like shockwave therapy, also provide life-changing results — without risks or side effects. Do you have foot pain? Here’s what you should know.

Foot and ankle pain can make daily tasks impossible. But the prospect of invasive or surgical treatments can seem even worse if they come with lengthy downtimes.

Fortunately, there are often more conservative solutions that can get you back on your feet again.

Dr. Hai-En Peng takes a conservative and patient-centered approach at his practice in Camarillo, California. These methods involve a variety of cutting-edge treatments, like shockwave therapy.

If you have a foot or ankle condition, here’s how Dr. Peng uses shockwave therapy at Align Foot & Ankle Center.

Shockwave therapy basics

You may be familiar with shockwaves because of television and movies. In these settings, they’re often epic events where waves of energy knock someone to the ground, like after an explosion.

While shockwaves can indeed be dramatic, they also exist on a much smaller scale — and they can get you back on your feet again instead of knocking you down. 

When used in medical applications, shockwaves can activate the healing process. That’s because this energy passes through the skin's surface, causing tiny microtraumas in a treatment site.

These microtraumas initiate numerous responses in your system, such as:

  • Stimulating nerve activity
  • Decreasing inflammation
  • Improving circulation
  • Triggering the formation of new blood vessels
  • Supporting and accelerating cell regeneration
  • Activating collagen production

This comes with numerous therapeutic benefits, from activating, accelerating, and supporting the healing process to reducing pain and improving function. 

Foot and ankle conditions that respond to shockwave therapy

Dr. Peng treats several foot and ankle issues with shockwave therapy, including:

Plus, since they work on a cellular level, they heal the condition instead of only addressing your symptoms. However, these foot and ankle conditions usually require a series of treatments to yield the best results.

What to expect from shockwave therapy

Shockwave therapy takes 10-20 minutes per treatment. 

As mentioned above, it’s completely noninvasive. And you don’t have to worry about pre-treatment preparations or special instructions. You simply remove your socks and relax on a cushioned table.

To perform your shockwave therapy, Dr. Peng applies ultrasound gel to the treatment site. Then, he uses a specialized probe to deliver the shockwaves.

During your treatment, you may have mild discomfort, but most people tolerate these sessions without much trouble.

After your treatment, you can usually resume regular activity. However, Dr. Peng offers personalized guidance on a case-by-case basis.

Up to 80% of individuals getting shockwave therapy for foot and ankle issues find relief from their symptoms. And, since it doesn’t involve medications, it’s also safe for use with other treatments.

Do you have a foot or ankle condition? Contact Align Foot & Ankle Center in Camarillo, California, to see if shockwave therapy could help today.