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Have you noticed a red bump that’s recently appeared near your big toe? It feels firm and you’re unsure what caused it. It may not hurt much, but you’re opting to wear more comfortable shoes. You may have developed a bunion. Or are the bunions you’ve been putting up with now too noticeable? You get a dull, almost constant ache along the inside of your big toe. Sometimes you may get a sharp, alarming sensation when you least expect it. 

The doctors at Align Foot and Ankle Center specialize in giving you the freedom to wear the shoes you want, pain-free. With offices in Camarillo and Santa Barbara, feel free to talk with us about your bunion treatment options today.

Santa Barbara Camarillo Bunion Treatment

What Are Bunions?

Bunions can form on the foot when joints and bones at the base of the big toe become misaligned and move out of place. This causes the big toe to move towards the second toe, thus forming a bony lump which is prone to irritation and makes wearing certain kinds of shoes a difficult and painful process.

When misaligned, this puts pressure on surrounding nerves and ligaments as well. Skin calluses develop where your forefoot is squeezed for space and rubs on shoes with every step. 

A Common Problem 

Bunions are one of the most common foot problems, affecting about 1 in 3 patients. Despite a wealth of research, there’s still debate about their exact cause. Your genes play a part, although women are more affected than men — showing that narrow shoes like high heels are a factor.

Conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and flat feet also make someone more susceptible. 

Many patients wonder, “Will it keep getting worse? What bunion treatments work?” It’s possible for one to minimize the impact of this common yet troublesome condition with the right treatment approach.  

Bunion Therapy Options 

We believe it’s best to take a conservative approach to bunion treatment. Correctly managed by one of our podiatrists at Align Foot & Ankle, you can manage bunion pain effectively without resorting to surgery using:

  • The right-fitting shoes: As well as enough toe box space, you need the correct amount of flexibility and arch support. 
  • Custom Shoe inserts: Custom orthotics made by a podiatrist are one of the most effective bunion treatments. Over-the-counter versions don’t take into account your activity levels, flexibility, or way of walking. 
  • Pain-relieving medications: Ice packs are effective at reducing the pain and swelling of bunions. With medical advice, cortisone injections and anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen are also helpful.
  • Bunion splints and spacers: These can be effective for pain relief. Splints are often worn at night, while toe spacers can be worn inside your shoe. 
Bunion treatment before and after

Bunion Surgery in Southern California

Though not the first step to treatment, bunion surgery, called a bunionectomy, may be suitable if:

  • You experience pain that’s seriously affecting your activities. 
  • One toe is now crossing over the other.
  • Conservative methods are no longer working.

The surgical procedures are minimally invasive, so in most cases, you can rest at home the same day. Be aware, however, that recovery requires you to take it easier activity-wise for up to eight weeks.  

What Our Patients Have to Say

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Not all bunions are the same and some are able to be cured with the therapy options above while larger bunions may need a more invasive procedure. Our doctors can prescribe the right treatment for you during an office consultation.

If you’re continuing to live with foot pain related to bunions, please reach out to either our Camarillo or Santa Barbara office for a consultation and treatment.

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